Design Origins

We now have a full description of the design and production of the whole range of Club cars, including a biography of Mr Sid Goble, Chief Stylist at Morris Motors and the man tasked with producing Morris, MG, Riley and Wolseley variants of Farina's basic Austin design.

We also look at how the Farina became the chosen car of motoring World Champions! Unlikely it would seem, but Banger Racing during the 1970s and 1980s was sustained by a seemingly limitless supply of these cars. Despite the bad reputation the sport has achieved in more recent times as some unscrupulous drivers have stolen classic cars, Banger Racing is inextricably linked to the history of the Farina - and indeed some of the finest examples still in existence or restored today have been preserved or restored by former Banger drivers who have great affection for these cars.

One such car is seen below - an Austin A110 Westminster Mk2 Super Deluxe now owned by our Chairman. This car was bought in the 1970s by former Banger Driver, Dave "The Guv" Melbourne (100) of Yateley in Surrey. "The Guv" was the head of a racing dynasty that produced two World Champions in the early 1970s and he only raced 3 Litre Farinas. This car was bought by him and locked away in a garage with just 6,000 miles on the clock and, when it emerged from its long slumber a few years ago, was established as probably the best surviving original example still on the road.