If you own one of the following cars,

this is the Club for you!:

Austin Cambridge A40, A50, A55, A55 Mk2 & A60

Austin Westminster A90, A95, A99, A105, A110 Mk I & Mk II

Austin Freeway Mk I & II, & Austin Cambrian

Morris Oxford Series V & VI

MG Magnette Mk III & Mk IV

Riley 4/Sixty Eight, 4/Seventy Two, Riviera, & Silhouette

Vanden Plas A105, Princess 3 litre Mk I & II & 4 litre R

Wolseley 15/60, 16/60, 24/80 Mk I & II, 6/99, & 6/110 Mk I & II

Austin & Morris A55 & A60 Half Ton Van, Pick-up

& Sun Tor Caravanette

Di Tella Sedan, Station Wagon, Utility & Magnette

...and all other variants: Estates, Hearses, Commercials,

Custom Cars & 'Specials'